About Jorge

Jorge's specialty is cutting hair in the most current styles appropriate for students and professionals, male and female,and particularly excels at updating a client's look.  His associates in the salon are chosen for their skills in color and highlighting, formals and updos. Jorge enjoys working in an environment that puts his customers at ease - they come to relax, enjoy good music and conversation while getting the best of hair cuts.  New customers comment on the extreme care he takes with cuts; old customers know that they can always expect an overall good experience.

Jorge works with people who are easy-going, professional, dedicated to the art and always seeking to improve their skills, as he does.  While he typically works alongside only two carefully selected associates, he likes working with what he calls "the best of the profession".

In his personal time, Jorge enjoys sports, nature, riding his bike, cooking, and good conversation with intelligent people.

After many years in Chapel Hill, Jorge finds that he has developed a loyal following of clients based on professional trust and understanding due to Jorge's good listening and excellent scissor skills, and he now considers his older customers true friends.

- "Jorge is my oldest friend in Chapel Hill.  I met him the fall semester of my freshman year and nobody has cut my hair since then."  G. - loyal customer since 1984

5 ratings, all 5-stars on City Search

Jorge is a gem!

"I have been following Jorge for more than 10 years and was so pleased when he got his own place. 171 Hair Studio is the place I go to when I need pampering and to recharge my batteries. Jorge makes me beautiful every single time. I get compliments on my haircut everywhere I go. Literally, I was in Europe this summer, and two people asked where I got my haircut. My 14-year old daughter started having her long hair trimmed by Jorge as well, and it's a big treat for her every time we go to 171 Hair Studio!"...

AWESOME haircuts.

"This is the greatest salon. My mom and I make appointments together. They usually only have 2 stylists working at a time so it is a great way to visit. We have one of Jorge's partners color our hair (Jorge doesn't like to color hair) and then Jorge does the cut after. We are usually the only 2 customers during that time so the four of us just chat and have a wonderful time. Jorge is a artist with hair -- and really takes his time to make it perfect. He analyzes your hairtype and gives you a cut that works. I never need to style my hair and I always get compliments on my cut."...

Best Salon Ever!

"I live in Chicago and fly into Chapel Hill so Jorge can cut and color my hair. I discovered Jorge when I was visiting my daughter while she was at school. I used to purposely visit her when I needed my hair done. She luckily still lives in the area -- so I fly in every 2 month for a visit and haircut. There is no comparable place -- Jorge has a real talent! He only cuts a style that you hairtype can handle -- so you can just wash and go. Also he really spend a lot of time making each cut perfect!"...

A hidden gem. Jorge is a genius

I have been going to Jorge for over 10 years. I've spent a fortune at some big salons in New York and San Francisco-- and Jorge does a much better job. In fact I think he once worked at a famous salon in New York. He takes his time and really pays attention to detail. You never feel rushed. The place is clean and well run. There focus is on making the customer happy not on cycling through as many clients as you can in a day. The only problem is that it's hard to find. It's behind a little clothing store on Franklin Street...

Wonderful Service and Talent

..."I went to get my hair cut at Salon 171. Located behind a trendy clothing store, the salon has the feel of a much larger and more urban place. The stylist was pleasant and welcomed me, though he had planned to go home after he finished his current client. The cut I wanted was drastic and trendy, but he managed to do a wonderful job. The stylist spent approx. 2 hours on my hair - much longer than can be expected, but the length of time the cut required. He recut my hair several times - until we were both satisfied. I have never been happier with a haircut and have never felt more at home in a salon and would recommend Salon171 to anyone."

Call 942-3863 or 360-5396 (cell) to make an appointment

or call Mina's at 969-8548 and ask to make an appointment with Jorge